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Name: Rose Bush

Scientific name: Rosa

Family: Rosaceae

Flowering period: May - September

Description :


The rose bush is an ornamental and deciduous plant. Its stem has thorns on the outside, as do the leaves on their edges. Rose flowers appear at the tips of tender shoots. Petals come in various colors including white, red, pink and yellow. The color of their flowers is proportional to the variety of each rose. The plant comes from Asia, and especially in China and Persia it has been cultivated for 5000 years. The name of the genus, rosa, comes from the Greek word ρόδο meaning red.


Usage & History:


The rose bush, in addition to its beauty and fragrant flowers, also provides essential aromatic oil, which is obtained from its rose petals and is used in the preparation of perfumes. Rose petals, especially the pink ones, can be used to make traditional desserts. 

The rose is associated with the ancient Greek myth of Rodanthe, a daughter from Corinth, beautiful as well as intelligent. At a symposium, a friend of hers argued that wisdom is the prerogative of men. Rodanthe responded by giving the example of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Her response enraged some of the guests, who took her words as an insult to the father of the Gods, Zeus. They chased the girl, who fled to the temple of the goddess Artemis, seeking asylum. The goddess took pity on the young woman and transformed her into a plant with a wonderful aroma, but full of thorns, for her protection.

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