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Bee Hive Transparent

Mohammed Ali's House

Mohammed Ali's Square

65201, Kavala, Greece

MOHA (Motivation of Heritage Affinities) Research Centre was established in 2006 and is based in the Imaret and Mohammed Ali's House in Kavala. It is a Non-Profit Organization, recognized by the Greek State as a Research Center. Through scientific, artistic and educational activities, it aims to promote the multiculturalism of the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as to promote inter-religious and intercultural dialogue. 


Τhe gardens of Mohammed Ali's House are an integral part of a visit to the museum. The Bee project was designed with the aim, through various educational activities and exhibitions, to highlight the valuable and decisive role of bees in the balance of nature. The purpose is the formation of ecological consciousness and the adoption of values and attitudes to raise awareness concerning ecology and the environment, and to cause the adoption of values and attitudes, that will help to create new patterns of behaviour towards the planet.

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